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Quick Break Visits: $14 for a 20-30 minute visit. Available only Mon-Fri between the hours of 10 am 4 pm. Includes short walk/bathroom break, fresh water, play time and treats. Ideal for the busy work week. 

Regular visit: $20* for a 45 minute visit. Ideal for when one is out of town, on vacation, at a concert, etc. Includes walk/bathroom break, fresh water, any feedings, litter box cleanings, medications (may be additional charges for insulin/fluids) and any small household tasks (bringing in mail, closing blinds, watering plants, etc).* Small discounts may be provided for those needing visits for an extended period of time.  

Extended visit: $30 for 90 minute visit: Add another 45 minutes to a regular visit for only $10. 

Last Minute Visit: $25-$30 for a regular visit that is scheduled within 2 hours of desired time. Ideal for when you are stuck at the office or unable to return home in time for your pet’s usual walk or meal. Cost dependent on time of call and how much “head’s up” we are given.  

Vet Visit:$35 per hour. Includes pet pick up, waiting at office ( if appropriate), and drop off back at home. Will bring home any medications or instructions related to visit (can also pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy outside of vet visits!). 

Dog Park Visit: $35 per hour. Extra fees for more than 2 dogs (requires extra sitter). Includes transportation to and from your home, and at least one hour at the park. Only friendly dogs with valid rabies vaccines are eligible.  

Pet Taxi: $15 for one-way and $20 for round trip. Extra fees may apply based on location. This can include trips to the groomer, Grandma’s, etc.  

Yard/Litter scooping: Starting at $10. Additional fees based on size of your yard. $10 charge for litter boxes is only necessary when that is the sole purpose of the visit, otherwise included in regular visit charge.  

Pet Bathing: $10-$20 depending on pet size. Includes washing with pet’s shampoo, drying, brushing and ear cleaning (if desired). We do not provide grooming services but would be happy to take your pet to and from an established groomer.  

Med Visit: Starting at $10.Visit that is strictly to administer medication(s); Includes pilling, subcutaneous fluids and application of topical treatments. May request that a “medication administration authorization” form be filled out.  

“Sit and Stay” Overnight options: Base packages are $70. Includes 7 pm arrival, approx 8 am departure and a quick break the following afternoon. 

Concierge services: $25 an hour. Picking up laundry, going by the post office, etc.  

Supply Pick up: $10 plus the cost of supplies. Ideal for when you need more pet food or just realized you need something from the grocery store, pharmacy, etc.  

Waiting on repairman/cable guy/etc: $25 per hour. Includes short bathroom break for dogs at end of visit. 

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